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Chartered Physiotherapists

chartered physiotherapists witney in oxfordshire

Why use Cotswold Physiotherapy?

There are many reasons why we achieve high success rates for our patients. We are committed to delivering:

Accurate diagnosis of your condition or injury to achieve an appropriate treatment plan.

Effective physiotherapy treatments and exercise plans which results in reducing your pain and helping you successfully recover from injury or surgery.

Highly personalised treatment where everything we do is focused on achieving your individual goals and achieving optimal results.

Chartered physiotherapists specialising in musculo-skeletal problems

Cotswold Physiotherapy is a team of chartered physiotherapists specialising in musculo-skeletal problems involving joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and sports injuries. All assessments and treatments at our Witney physiotherapy clinic are carried out by an experienced and enthusiastic team led by Chartered Physiotherapist Clare Lewey MCSP.


The main focus of our physiotherapy practice is to help you fully recover and to reduce your pain and symptoms as soon as possible. Our caring and personable approach, alongside our extensive experience of treating musculo-skeletal problems means that you can be confident that any treatment you receive is of the highest quality

Customer-centric physiotherapy treatment for all patients

At the heart of our practice is an understanding that everything we do is patient centric. Your physical problems and injuries will be affecting your wellbeing and your ability to enjoy and fulfil an active and healthy lifestyle. Our objective is to fully understand your problem, to learn what you want to achieve from physiotherapy intervention, and assess the most appropriate treatment to help you achieve it. Due to everyone's different circumstances and diagnoses, it is important for us to assess these and apply a tailored treatment plan according to your individual symptoms and goals. We put your needs at the centre of all decisions, and everything we do will be done in your best interest.


We use a wide combination of physiotherapy treatments and techniques to provide you with the best possible treatment including hands on physiotherapy, exercise provision, electrotherapy including pulsed ultrasound, interferential therapy or shockwave therapy and Clinical Pilates. It is this customer-focused approach that allows us to maximise the potential of every patient.

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