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physiotherapy treatment in Witney

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Pain reduction



Recurrent pain prevention



Improved strength

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Faster recovery from

injury and surgery


Physiotherapy treatments available at Cotswold Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is an evidence-led medical treatment approach that helps to repair damage, to reduce pain and to prevent recurrence of symptoms. Almost any condition affecting your joints, soft tissues (such as muscles, ligaments, tendons) or nerves can be helped by physiotherapy. At Cotswold Physiotherapy we specialise in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy. This involves assessing, managing and treating various injuries, aches and pains affecting joints and soft tissue.


Injuries and pain can occur at any time. Whether you're involved in a sporting activity or simply getting on with your daily life, an injury or painful condition can occur suddenly or gradually develop and become worse. Pain can come in many forms and can affect any part of the body: spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Whether it is mild sprains or strains of joints and muscles, a re-occurring or first-time back problem, arthritis or pain leading up to or following surgery, physiotherapy can help you.


Injuries and painful physical conditions cause limitations to your mobility and lifestyle, ability to work and may compromise your physical and often your mental wellbeing. Physiotherapy aims to help you recover and optimally improve your physical ability. Our goal as experienced physiotherapists is to address the cause of your pain and disability and help you resume normal daily activity as quickly as possible.


Following a thorough assessment to make an accurate diagnosis, physiotherapy treatment may include manipulation, mobilisation, massage, stretching, exercises, electrotherapy, provision of splints or strapping and advice and education on best management of your condition. 


Treatments are specifically tailored and adjusted to your goals and current function. Pilates exercises, if appropriate, may be incorporated into your rehabilitation and are proven to improve back pain and help to prevent it recurring. Pilates is also proven to help resolve and to manage many painful back, neck and other joint and muscle problems. Electrotherapy may also, if appropriate, be given in the form of pulsed ultrasound, interferential therapy or shockwave therapy alongside hands on physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation advice.

pain reduction and faster recovery from injury with physiotherapy in witney oxfordshire

Physiotherapy in Witney

If you're located in Witney or surrounding towns and villages, our Witney physiotherapy clinic is situated conveniently right on your doorstep.


We are easily accessible by car and by foot and close to the centre of the town. Our clinic is open for appointments for anyone located nearby as well as further afield and we regularly provide physiotherapy treatments for patients from Oxford, Bicester, Cirencester and throughout the Cotswolds.

The benefits of physiotherapy

Pain reduction 


Our treatment options are tailored to suit your specific needs in recovery from pain, surgery or injury, enabling faster return to normal activities. In all cases we are looking assist you in making the best possible improvement from in symptoms and disability that you are suffering.

Recurrent pain prevention


If you have had a previous injury or pain experience there is always a chance that it may return. Maybe you're experiencing that familiar pain, soreness or stiffness again. Our physiotherapy treatment sessions can help reduce pain recurrence, and are individually designed for long- lasting rehabilitation. It is important to remember that injuries may heal, but the body can make adjustments around the injury that may need addressing and correcting in order for the injury not to recur. Potential lifestyle and postural stresses may also need to be addressed to prevent symptom re-occurrence. A combination of hands-on treatment at the clinic, advice on best self-management to avoid re-aggravating the injury, and a programme of rehabilitation exercises will all help prevent pain re-occurrence. 

Improved strength and mobility


Physiotherapy can be instrumental in eliminating your pain and improving your strength and mobility to reduce the impact of many chronic conditions affecting general wellbeing. Our rehabilitation exercise programmes are specifically and individually designed for and to re-balance and improve mobility, flexibity and strength and enhance correct posture for long lasting recovery. We also offer clinical Pilates which can be an essential rehabilitation component in recovery from many joint or soft tissue injuries and conditions.

Faster recovery from injury and surgery


Simply resting is unlikely to help you ultimately reduce pain or properly recover from your injury or surgery. Physiotherapy is a proven effective management to assist faster and fuller recovery from injury and surgeries which affect your muscles, nerves, joints and soft tissues. 


Physiotherapy treatment after surgery is often critical to rehabilitation, and as experienced Chartered Physiotherapists we ensure that you will be treated with the correct post operative protocol. We liaise directly with your surgeons to ensure that you are helped safely through from the early stages of recovery after surgery to reaching your final full function.

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