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witney evidence based physiotherapy treatments and techniques

To enquire about any of our treatments please contact us on 01993 201485 or email us here

Evidence-based physiotherapy treatments and techniques to help your body work to its full potential.

Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy treatments

Cotswold Physiotherapy focuses on restoring normal movement, increasing strength and reducing pain in musculo-skeletal problems including before or after surgery, after accidents or injuries, for ageing joints or those spontaneous aches and pains that we all suffer from time to time. We offer a range of evidence-based physiotherapy treatments and techniques to help your body work to its full potential. Our aim is to effectively reduce symptoms such as pain, swelling and stiffness and to assist body recovery by providing the optimal musculo-skeletal environment for recovery to take place.


Our experienced physiotherapists use a wide variety of treatment options and are happy to assess and treat anyone with a musculo-skeletal problem affecting your joints, soft tissues (such as muscles, ligaments, tendons) or nerves. Common conditions we treat include:


  • Soft tissue injuries - acute and chronic injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons. 

  • Back pain - including disc related pain, sciatic pain, spinal joint pain and stiffness, whiplash, postural pain, neck generated headaches, referred leg and arm pain.

  • Joint pain - including swelling, stiffness, injury and arthritis. We can treat spinal joint pain, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain, hip knee, ankle and foot pain.

Treatments available at Cotswold Physiotherapy

Full Clinical Assessment

A detailed assessment to determine the source of your musculo-skeletal pain. This provides us with a working diagnosis to plan the best course of treatment. The assessment takes into account your current physical capacity, lifestyle and work requirements, any sporting activities and your goals for recovery going forwards.

physiotherapy treatments full clinical assessment


Evidence-led medical treatment approach that helps to repair damage, to reduce pain and inmmobility and to prevent recurrence of symptoms. Almost any condition affecting your joints, soft tissues or nerves can be helped by physiotherapy.

evidenced based physiotherapy

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment for any tendon injury and pain and heel pain (plantarfiscitis), clinically proven to stimulate the healing process, reducing pain and restoring function and return to comfortable activity. This can give excellent results for these difficult to treat and often long-lasting injuries. It is a safe and cost-effective, non-invasive alternative to injection therapy and surgery

evidence based shockwave therapy

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a variant of Classical Pilates and is a proven effective way to help prevent and recover from injury and pain. Our weekly classes will help you increase awareness of your body, improve flexibility and movement, adjust your posture in everyday life, and also help with general mental wellbeing. 1:1 Pilates is also available.

clinical pilates at cotswold physiotherapy
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