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Why Shockwave Therapy is an effective treatment for tendinopathy

Why Shockwave Therapy is an effective treatment for tendinopathy

Shockwave Therapy is an established, evidence led treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and can prevent the need for alternative injection therapy or even surgical intervention. It can treat stubborn, recalcitrant conditions and is effective if you are suffering with injured tendons or plantar fasciitis.

Shock wave therapy can relieve pain and promote healing by stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities. It acts as a ‘kickstart’ for your cell metabolism and increases blood circulation and promotes normalisation of soft tissue, the release of natural pain killing chemical and so expediates the ability to be able to use and load the tissue with less pain; in other words, to resume normal activity.

What is having Shockwave Therapy like?

A handpiece is positioned firmly onto and moved around the affected area using a contact gel. The probe delivers very high energy shock waves which expand as they travel inside the body tissue. The effect of these shock waves stimulates tissue regeneration, increases blood flow to the affected area and breaks down scar tissue. The process is proven to accelerate healing. There is some discomfort with the treatment, but it only takes a few minutes and pain relief is not required. Three treatments are given at weekly intervals. Most people start to feel benefit with pain relief very quickly after the first treatment, but optimum results are expected 6 weeks after completion of treatment.

Shockwave Therapy Treatment at Cotswold Physiotherapy

You may be referred by your doctor, medical insurer or consultant for shockwave therapy. You may also self-refer. We can speak to you over the telephone if necessary, to establish whether shockwave is the best course of treatment for you and answer to any questions you may have.

Shockwave therapy is always provided in conjunction with a physiotherapy exercise programme and advice on managing the problem you are having treatment for.

We provide the highest level of care and treatment with highly trained physiotherapists using the latest EMS Swiss Dolorclast technologies. This is the very premium specification radial shockwave machine that most of the scientific evidence supporting shockwave therapy is based on. This is because the external compressor can deliver more powerful shockwave than many smaller, less expensive machines, most of which have integral internal compressors.

What can Shockwave Therapy best treat?

Shockwave Therapy is one of the few treatments that can work when an injury reaches a chronic non-healing state, in other words when you have had pain for several months and have not been able to resolve it. It is highly effective with most tendinopathies including:

Plantar Fasciitis - treatment for heel and foot pain

Patellar Tendinopathy - treatment for knee pain

Achilles Tendinopathy - treatment for ankle pain

Gluteal Tendinopathy - treatment for hip pain

Shoulder Tendinopathy - treatment for shoulder pain

Hamstring Tendinopathies - treatment for sit bone or knee pain

Tennis Elbow Tendinopathy - Treatment for elbow pain

For further information on any of the treatments mentioned in this article, or to discuss treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, please contact Cotswold Physiotherapy on 01993 201485 or send your enquiry here


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