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From Injury to Gold Medal Victory

successful shockwave treatment for athlete with achilles injury to gold medal victory

Discovering the transformative power of shockwave therapy

Cotswold Physiotherapy has played a crucial role in aiding an athlete’s journey from Achilles tendon injuries on both sides to standing on top of the podium at the Masters European Athletics Championships 2023.

The Challenge

Achilles tendon injuries are notorious for athletes and non-athletes alike, known for their persistent nature and prolonged recovery periods. Our client, an ambitious athlete, found themselves grappling with this exact challenge: experiencing ongoing pain and discomfort that threatened to derail their athletic career. The road to recovery demanded a strategic and personalized approach, which is where Cotswold Physiotherapy, with shockwave therapy an important element of the overall treatment and management, stepped in.

The Treatment Plan

We devised a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to the athlete’s unique needs. The plan included a regime of loading exercises to enhance both ankle range and the tendons’ tolerance to load, daily stretching routines, and the gradual introduction of plyometric and functional exercise. To complement this, shockwave therapy was administered, targeting the Achilles tendons to promote the healing process and to help alleviate pain.

The athlete diligently followed the treatment plan. The shockwave therapy sessions gave significant early pain relief and paved the way for a gradual return to training. Previous loading programmes without shockwave had given the athlete limited improvement.

The Road to Victory

With personal determination and the continued support of the Cotswold Physiotherapy team, the athlete witnessed a remarkable transformation, ultimately allowing a return to full training with minimal symptom in either tendon.

As the athlete reintegrated sprinting and plyometrics into their routine, they experienced a newfound range of motion and agility. Their feet and ankles, previously restricted, were now moving with ease, showcasing the undeniable success of the treatment plan.

The Triumph

The culmination of months of hard work, perseverance and the support and guidance from Cotswold Physiotherapy led the athlete to the Masters European Athletics Championships 2023 in Pescara, Italy. Competing in the M45 age group. They reached the semi-finals in both the 100m and 200m events, and spectacularly won a gold medal as part of the M40 4x100m relay team.

The victory was sweet, not just because of the gold medal but because it represented triumph over chronic injury and pain.

Cotswold Physiotherapy has a commitment to evidence based, high quality treatment and personalised care. This case has demonstrated the positive impact of shockwave therapy in sports rehabilitation for tendon injury. The athlete’s journey from bilateral Achilles tendinopathy injury to gold medal victory stands as a testament to the power of dedication, expert guidance, and accessing the right treatment. At Cotswold Physiotherapy, we remain committed to helping athletes overcome their injuries, unlock their full potential, and achieve their greatest victories.

Thank you to the athlete for keeping us updated on his fantastic achievement and letting us share his story.

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